Blue Ribbon Management, LLC is a global real estate development and education company. With locations in Milwaukee, Chicago and Shanghai, China, Blue Ribbon Management attempts to bridge the America Midwest with the world. Through our work, we help students of all ages experience and learn from the culture and knowledge base of the United States.Currently, we have formed relationships and programs with educational institutions in China, Japan, and Taiwan.

We work closely with many universities in the greater Milwaukee area to provide recruiting services, program development, international student exchange, and much more. In addition to the educational programs we have helped create, we are also a premier real estate development firm providing much needed economic development for Milwaukee. Specifically, our newest venture is the Eleven25 at Pabst – a student housing facility located in the old Pabst Brewery redevelopment complex. With a capacity of over 400 student beds the Wisconsin Center for International Education is one of the largest student housing developments in Milwaukee’s history. The goal is to bring both international and domestic students together to learn from each other’s culture and grow as students.

Finally, Blue Ribbon Management is active in the community. By working closely with Milwaukee’s city government, Zilber Ltd., and many other organizations we have built a reputation for quality and sustainability. 



Blue Ribbon Management is focused on bridging Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the entire Midwest with the rest of the World. Through our development, we are helping to make the former Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery the crown jewel of the revitalization of Downtown Milwaukee. We strive to create places that are built for and with the needs of the local community in mind. Our development focus is on mixed-use, environmentally sustainable urban environments for people to meet, learn, live, and play.






Mr. Chan has a portfolio of five projects completed or under-development in the former Pabst Brewery site. After Mr. Chan founded Blue Ribbon Management, which was inspired by the famous Milwaukee Philanthropist, Mr. Joseph Zilber, Mr. Chan singular vision is to continue Mr. Zilber’s legacy by leveraging his international networks and resources in Asia. Mr. Chan has affluent experience in real estate development and capital financing. To date, Mr. Chan has successfully developed or financed over $150 million of real estate projects across the United States since 2007. Mr Chan holds a JD degree from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, a Master of Science degree in finance from DePaul University, and a Bachelor of Economics from University of Wisconsin Madison. Mr. Chan is licensed to practice law in Wisconsin.



Executive Vice President

Mr. Kelly directs Blue Ribbon Management’s US operation, including allreal estate development and capital financing operations. Currently Mr. Kelly is leading four development projects totaling over $65 million. Prior to joining Blue Ribbon Management, Mr. Kelly worked as Senior Advancement Officer at Marquette University for more than six years. Mr. Kelly holds a JD degree from Marquette University, and Bachelor of Science in real estate and finance from Marquette University. Mr. Kelly is licensed to practice law in Wisconsin.




Mr. Johnson provides business and legal advice for all Blue Ribbon Management affiliates. Mr. Johnson is an attorney and co-owner of Liberty Consulting & Management Services LLC, a Chicago-based consulting company. Mr. Johnson has an extensive background in real estate transaction work. He spent six years as an associate in private practice before purchasing Liberty with his business partners. Mr. Johnson holds a JD degree from Syracuse University, a L.L.M. from John Marshal Law School, and a Bachelor of Finance from University of Illinois-Champaign. Mr. Johnson is a licensed managing real estate broker in Illinois, and is licensed to practice law in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.




Mr. Mervis is a consultant of Blue Ribbon Management and retired Vice President of Zilber, Ltd. Mr. Mervis provides business, governmental and public relations advice for all Blue Ribbon Management affiliates. Mr. Mervis served as an executive with Zilber Ltd. For close to 40 years, with extensive background in real estate development and governmental, media and corporate relations. Mr. Mervis started working with Towne Realty in Milwaukee in the early 1970s working directly with the company’s founder, real estate developer and philanthropist Joseph Zilber, and has served as the company spokesperson for his entire career. Mr. Mervis holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in international Relations from the University of Denver.