Wisconsin Academy of Global Education & Training (WAGET)

WAGET is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, scientific, or religious purpose within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  To the extent consistent with the above general purposes, the specific purpose of this corporation shall be to link young people of Asia and the United States through a school, educational exchange, activities, projects, leadership opportunities, and serve in areas of education, language, culture and conservation to benefit schools, government, communities, and organizations.

WAGET Sponsored Events at Eleven25 at Pabst

October 19, 2016   "Aliens, Lost Civilizations and Geology: The Truth Behind the Sphinx"  by Robert Schneier

According to archeologists, the Great Sphinx was carved about 4,500 years ago. Some people believe weathering and other geological evidence make it thousands of years older. This would require construction by a lost civilization or perhaps even ancient astronauts. The Sphinx is also still weathering today as salty shallow groundwater slowly destroys it from the bottom up. All of this leaves many unanswered questions. Who built the Sphinx? How did they do it? Do we need to rewrite human history? Have we been visited by aliens? Where is the water coming from in the middle of the desert?

If you love a good mystery (and like free pizza), then you'll want to attend this one-hour lecture by registered professional geologist Robert Schneiker. Bob, a graduate of UW-Milwaukee,  has been in the environmental groundwater consulting industry since 1982. Trained as a petroleum geophysicist, his project experience includes risk-based evaluations, groundwater modeling, geophysical exploration and groundwater resources exploration.  His SEVIEW software is used by regulators and consultants around the world. He has presented papers and conducted numerous training seminars for consultants and regulatory agencies in the United States, Canada, and the European Union. 

November 4, 2016   Project Tour for University of Wisconsin Madison Intensive Real Estate Program

UW visit 2.JPG

A group of Chinese graduate students from University of Wisconsin Madison visited Eleven25 at Pabst to learn about EB-5 based projects at The Brewery.   The group is from Shanghai, China.  They are currently attending intensive Real Estate program at UW Madison lead by Dr. Walsh.  Students took a tour of Building 23, a new Pabst Pilot Brewery, Pabst Professional Center, Brewhouse Inn & Suites, in addition to Eleven25 at Pabst.    Students were eager to learn about EB-5 financing, and asked variety of questions to our staff. 




December 8, 2016   WisPolitics.com Luncheon: Brownfield Redevelopment - how far we have come, where do we go from here

WAGET and Eleven25 at Pabst co-sponsored the WisPolitics Panel Discussion at the Bets Place.  Panelist include: John Dickert, Mayor, City of Racine; John Antaramian, Mayor, City of Kenosha; former state lawmaker; Darsi Foss; Director of the Remediation and Redevelopment Program at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources; and Robert B. Monnat, partner and COO of The Mandel Group.  It was a sold out event with 50+ audience.